Miscellaneous Items / Artículos Misceláneos

Note: We have other items for sale not listed below. 

Nota: Tenemos otros  artículos a la venta  que no aparecen listados aquí.


Foam Filled Marine Fenders

File 1970MS

Used 6’ x 20’ Foam filled Fenders
6 units available $8,500.00 each
West coast USA location

$ 8,500.00 each

Discount for volume Purchase

 Call Larry: 386-937-2615


Used Marine Fenders for sale, vesselfinders.com marine fenders, 10 x 20 marine fenders for sale
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Foam Filled Marine Fenders

File 1970MS
(2) 10’ x 20’  Sea Cushion Foam Filled Fenders
Used and in Good Condition
West coast USA location

$11,000.00  ea. Without tire cage

$ 22,000.00 ea.  With new tire cage

 Call Larry: 386-937-2615


Brass Proppelers for Sale, used Propellers for Sale, 52 x 38 Propellers for Sale, 4 Blade Propellers for Sale

Pair of Propellers

File 1496MS

Set of two 52 x 38 Propellers for sale

4 blade brass LH, RH wheels, 4.5” bore

Newly reworked at Machine and Propeller Shop

US Gulf area location

Others available

$13,500.00 for the pair, fob

 Call Larry: 386-937-2615


Antique Solid Bronze Porthole for Sale, 16 inch Antique Porthole for Sale, Bendix Engine Room Telegraph repeater for sale, Used Marine Telegraph repeater for sale
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16" Solid Bronze

Antique Porthole

File 1519MS

16” Solid Bronze Antique Porthole

Removed from original 1945 Navy YF-852 which

later  became  the YFRT-523, stationed in

Roosevelt Roads Base in the Caribbean.

Kept in very good condition

Weighs 55 pounds 

$475.00 fob

The Bendix engine room telegraph repeater from

this vessel is also available and in very good condition

$725.00 fob

Call Larry: 386-937-2615